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Friday, January 14, 2011

Goshi's Sushi Bar - Paso Robles (Near the Train Station)

So a dear friend of mine and her husband have a date night every Friday night (Some of us have forgotten what this is) at Goshi's Sushi Bar in Paso Robles. So one night my husband John and I decided to crash one and invited ourselves to go with them..After all they are truly Sushi experts and what could be better than to go to Sushi with experts?

Sitting at the Sushi bar is the best seat in the house. You get to actually watch them prepare your dishes and everyone else's. It is really inspiring to watch. Although, I am not ready to conquer this venue yet..One can dream.

John and my favorite is the Tataki and the Spicy Albacore Rolls with Garlic chips..A must to try...

Service is excellent, the Sushi masters are quite entertaining...This is definatly 5 star to me...

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